Estate Planning

Who is going to inherit your classic Mustang convertible when you die? Who will fight over the lake house after you’re gone? If you should meet with an untimely death, who would finish raising your children to adulthood?

Estate planning attorney Milwaukee  while you’re still living puts the power to answer these questions into your hands. Estate planning through a reputable and experienced attorney allows you to put your wishes down in legal black-and-white. Rest assured that your final wishes will be met regarding everything from real estate, automobiles, businesses, childcare and more. Even your final wishes for funeral arrangements can be included and carried out through estate planning.

Who Gets What?

Estate planning allows you to dictate who gets the cars, home and any other tangible things you deem valuable and desirable. Having a legal list made of who gets what prevents loved ones from dealing with unpleasant issues after you have departed.

The Children

Children are living parts of your estate and will be unable to care for themselves, let alone assets and liabilities, should you meet with an untimely death before they are of legal age. Estate planning helps you legally prepare for that most unfortunate event by naming who you want to finish raising your minor children. You may also wish to detail how and when you want the minor children to receive their inheritance.

Consider the fact also that the same person who you want to finish raising your minor children may not be the same person you wish to hold onto and dole out their monetary inheritance after you’re gone. Estate planning will cover that aspect—and others regarding the inherited money—through an established trust.

Final Resting Place

Through estate planning, you can dictate how you want your remains to be handled. With an estate plan, decisions such as burial or cremation, where to be buried or have ashes scattered and other details regarding the celebration of your life are in your hands while you are still alive.

Trustees and Executor

Who do you want to handle your business after you’re gone? Name your estate trustees and executer of your estate while you’re alive so you know your life’s work will continue as you wish. At Milwaukee Law, a reputable and experienced attorney will walk you through an estate planning so your wishes will be carried out in the event you’re not around to do it yourself.